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Pain Acadien
420 Campground Road, Livermore Falls, Maine 04254
Email: info@painacadien.com   Phone: 207-897-3674  
Check out what we grow in our greenhouse and gardens!
All of the herbs grown on the grounds at Pain Acadien are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  We maintain our gardens strictly using composted kitchen scraps, shredded leaves, and grass clippings.  We also use fish emulsion for an added dose of nitrogen.

The fresh herbs we sell at Levesque’s farm stand in Leeds and Stevenson’s stand in Winthrop are organic, but not licensed due to the high cost for MOFGA certification.  Pain Acadian guarantees that you are purchasing pure natural herbs for your use and enjoyment.

Our seasoning packets are made with the same fresh herbs dried with other ingredients to precise measurements turning a plain dip into a flavorful accompaniment to your veggies and salads. They can also be added to your favorite dishes for a new twist.   Try using them in your potato salad or as flavoring for your popcorn. Check out our recipe page for more ideas using our unique seasoning packets.

Fresh herbs are sold in 1 oz. bags and can be found at Stevenson’s Farm Stand in Winthrop or Levesque's Farm Stand in Leeds, throughout the summer and fall.
Herbs Available:
Lemon thyme
Mint (chocolate and licorice) Sweet Fern
Also Available: